Get started with our #EULife API Explorer

One of the first things that you may want to do is just have a look at the #EULife dataset. Well that just got a lot easier thanks to Philipp Rustemeier who has put together this brilliant data explorer.

You can see all of the data and run your own queries. To use it simply add the filters that you’d like and then “run the query”. You will see the results are number based. This is a weighted frequency. To convert into a percentage you will need to total all the answers from the question that you’re interested in.

The topics in this dataset are:

  • Social Stratification and groupings – Family life and marriage
  • Education – Higher and further
  • Environment, conservation and land use – Land use and planning
  • Society and culture – Social attitudes and behaviour
  • Social stratification and groupings – General
  • Education – general
  • Employment and labour – General
  • Economics – Income, property and investment
  • Health – General
  • Health – Specific diseases and medical conditions
  • Housing
  • Health – Health services and medical
  • Transport
  • Politics – Political behaviour and attitudes
  • Society and culture – Social indicators and quality of life
  • Employment and labour – General