Greece Open Data: How optimistic about the future are you?

We’re going to be creating a series of images that show statistics from the #EULife Open Data set using the API Explorer. It’s a great way to familiarise yourself with the data that’s in the Eurofound European Quality of Life Survey via the UK Data Service API. We’re look at the Greece Open Data question of “How optimistic about the future are you?”


So how did we get the numbers?

Step 1 – Filters

  1. We added Greece under the Geographies drop down as a filter.
  2. Next under Society & Culture – Social Indicators and quality of life we went to the first survey question which is I am optimistic about the future
  3. We added the results for both Strongly Agree and Agree

We see the weighted value results. In 2007 142.9 + 382.2 = 525.1 people agreed and in 2011 30.1+168.5=198.6 people agreed.

However we don’t know what the total number of weighted responses was for this question in each year and we need that to work out the percentage
Greece I am optimistic about the future

Step 2 – Totals & Percentages

  1. Remove the filters you added before so that you just have the country Greece in the query field on the right
  2. On the question I am optimistic about the future  click on To Query  and then click the green Run this Query button.

You’ll see the full set of results which you can total. For 2007 that’s 999.9 and for 2011 it’s 1004.1

So that gives us:

2007: 525.1/999.9 x 100 = 52.52%

2011: 198.6/1004.1 x 100 = 19.78%

greece totals