• Top questions from our Meetups

    Over the past week I’ve been lucky enough to meet AppChallenge community members in Manchester and London at our #EULife Meetup series. It was great to meet people who are passionate about open data. I wish we had been able to travel further across Europe so if you’re not from the UK, please don’t think […]

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  • Meet the team: Ralph Cochrane

    Ralph Cochrane

    Ralph Cochrane is the creator and founder of AppChallenge. Here he talks about what we do and our work on the #EULife AppChallenge.

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  • Meet the Team: Philipp Rustemeier

    Philip Rustemeier

    Philip Rustemeier is our resident coding guru and helped to design the Open Data API. If you’ve watched our coding tutorials you’ll know his voice. We asked him why he enjoys working on projects like the #EULife Open Data contest.

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  • Meet the team: Louise Corti

    Louise Corti

    Louise Corti is an Associate Director of the UK Data Service. She is our project supervisor. We asked her why Open Data is important to the UK Data Archive.

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  • Meet the #EULife team: John Shepherdson

    john shepherdson

    John Shepherdson leads the UK Data Service technical infrastructure team. They are responsible for running the servers that provide the first UK Data Service Open Data API which is the foundation of the #EULife AppChallenge. We talk to him about his day job, supporting 600+ datasets on a variety of different types of infrastructure and […]

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  • Portugal: Unable to make ends meet?

    Using the API Explorer we looked at a question from the Eurofound European Quality of Life Survey to study the Portugal open data about how easy people in Portugal were finding it to make ends meet, which means are households able to pay for what they need from their earnings. The answers were quite shocking. […]

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  • Greece Open Data: How optimistic about the future are you?

    We’re going to be creating a series of images that show statistics from the #EULife Open Data set using the API Explorer. It’s a great way to familiarise yourself with the data that’s in the Eurofound European Quality of Life Survey via the UK Data Service API. We’re look at the Greece Open Data question […]

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  • Get started with our #EULife API Explorer

    api explorer

    One of the first things that you may want to do is just have a look at the #EULife dataset. Well that just got a lot easier thanks to Philipp Rustemeier who has put together this brilliant data explorer. You can see all of the data and run your own queries. To use it simply […]

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  • What is the #EULife AppChallenge?

    #EULife AppChallenge

    Our #EULife AppChallenge is a competition, running from 1st July 2015 to 30th September 2015 to encourage you to develop innovative new apps using European Quality of Life open data that we have published with help from Eurofound and the UK Data Service. Our Open Data includes survey responses from across Europe (including all EU […]

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  • Tutorial 1: Getting Started with the UK Data Service Open Data API

    UK Data Service Open Data API

    In this short tutorial Ralph Cochrane & Philipp Rustemeier show you how to access and sign up for the UK Data Service Open Data API. We have made the European Quality of Life Survey from Eurofound (2007 & 2011) available via the UK Data Service Open Data API for free, but you’ll need to register […]

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