• Matt Brocklehurst

    Matt Brocklehurst

    Product Marketing, Performance Solutions Lead, Google

    Matt Brocklehurst currently works at Google looking after the product marketing for performance including mobile marketing. He is also on the UK boards for mobile of both the IAB and the MMA.

  • Maurizio Pilu

    Dr Maurizio Pilu

    Executive Director, Collaborative R&D at Digital Catapult

    Maurizio Pilu is a technologist, innovator and strategist with more than 25 years’ experience. He joined the Digital Catapult in May 2013 and is responsible for developing new initiatives and R&D programmes to help drive disruptive innovation in new digital markets.

  • Emer Coleman

    Founder, DSRPTN

    Emer Coleman was the architect of the London Datastore and was named in Wired Magazine’s Top 100 Digital Power Influencers in 2011. She’s a regular contributor to Computer Weekly and works as the Business Development Director for Transport API, a start-up powering innovation and change in Transport.

  • Jarrod Frye

    Director, Hack & Craft

    Jarrod is a creative digital all-rounder with nearly 20 years experience forming, launching, managing and selling nascent technologies, across Mobile, eCommerce, Digital Media, SaaS and Business Intelligence.

  • louise corti

    Louise Corti

    Associate Director, UK Data Service

    Louise is the UK Data Service lead for the Open Data project including the #EULife AppChallenge and has been instrumental in helping to prepare the data, work with Eurofound (the data owner) and create the Open Data API.

  • Briony Phillips

    Open Data Institute

    Briony ran the successful Open Data Challenge Series at the Open Data Institute for NESTA. She is a former teacher who now runs workshops and competitions focused on showing the benefits of Open Data.

  • Hetan Shah

    Executive Director, Royal Statistical Society

    Hetan is Executive Director of the Royal Statistical Society, a membership body with a vision to put data at the heart of understanding and decision making.

  • Tadas Leončikas

    Tadas Leončikas

    Project Manager, European Quality of Life Survey

    Tadas Leončikas is the project manager for the European Quality of Life Survey based in Dublin, Ireland. His current activities include contributing to the development of Eurofound survey research.

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