Portugal: Unable to make ends meet?

Using the API Explorer we looked at a question from the Eurofound European Quality of Life Survey to study the Portugal open data about how easy people in Portugal were finding it to make ends meet, which means are households able to pay for what they need from their earnings. The answers were quite shocking. Here is how we worked it out.


Step 1 – Filters

  1. We added Portugal under the Geographies drop down as a filter.
  2. Next under Economics – Income, Property and Investment we went to the third survey question which is Household able to make ends meet
  3. We added the results for both With some difficult, with difficult and with great difficulty

We see the weighted value results. In 2007 187.7+75.1+60.9 = 323.7  people said this and in 2011 269.8+73.4+61.8 = 405 said the same thing.

portugal open data


Step 2 – Totals & Percentages

  1. Remove the filters you added before so that you just have the country Greece in the query field on the right
  2. On the question Household able to make ends meet click on To Query  and then click the green Run this Query button.

You’ll see the full set of results:

portugal open data


So that gives us:

2007: 323.7/992.8 x 100 = 32.6%

2011: 405/996.3 x 100 =     40.7%